The only cookgroup you will ever nedd. Stay aHEAD of the resellgame!









With our superfast custom monitors, not only our botters can overlook everything, but because of our ATC-links it's also possible for our manual users to cop!


In our group you'll be provided with many groupbuys, regardless whether they are with Proxies, Tools, Scripts, Beta-Bots or Bots! With us you won't miss anything!


Thanks to our own CLI-based tool, our members can cop without owning expensive bots! We are flexible and try to respond to all your ideas and suggestions and integrate them into our tool.


Because sneakers sometimes are hard to get, we have our own lowkeyflippers, which provide you with non-sneaker related items that have resell. Examples are PS5's, pools, trading cards and alot more. Not only lowkeyflips, but also brickflips are supported in our group: we have got professional brickflippers providing you with everything you need to make small amounts of money with low effort.


With us you will always be notified when a bot-restock happens! We provide you with the best bot restock guides on the market. We also offer professional calls with our botflippers, who will give you top investement tipps anytime, so you can make thousands of euros.

24/7 Support

If you got any questions or problems, you are getting them answered. Our staff team is always here to help you, whether it's about botsetups, manual cooks or other topics - we got your questions covered. Our group is family-like and active, so you definitely will have a great time!

Do you want to be part of resellheads?

Join our family and make easy profit!


What is RHIO?

RHIO is our exclusive inhouse bot/tool. Every paid resellheads member will have access to it! RHIO is included in the resellheads-membership!


- Autoqueue (Spoofer) for Adidas + AutoFill
- Autoqueue for every page (without Autofill)
- AutoCheckout (Sitelist: Nike, Adidas, Afew, Zalando, Snipes, Crocs)
- ZalandoRestock mode (so our members can run 24/7 and hit EVERY restock)
- ShopifyTool (for almost every shopify page) - Soon: BotRestockTool, RaffleMode

Success with RHIO

We copped:
Zalando Restocks



Release Guides

Additionally you will get guides to run RHIO so you can hit every possible drop and restock and get the maximum of profit!


Our Devs are working 24/7 on RHIO. Every week there will be new features and updates and soon even a GUI mode and real background tasks!



Our membership costs 20€ monthly.

We will announce it on twitter if we restock, so always have your notifications always on!

We always provide you with release information and bot setups to ensure that you cook!
You will never miss a drop with us. With our family-like members and staff, you'll get a second family!
Additionally we've got our own inhouse bot working on Zalando, Adidas splash page and more!

Of course! We are supporting you in any way and will answer all your questions!

The best cookgroup out there, helpful staff and good conversations about reselling and other topics.


In my opinion resellheads is the best cookgroup! Everyone helps you and it's much easier to cop shoes with the raffle lists. We're like a fam can talk to each other no matter what topic it is about. #RHFam


I came in this cookgroup and had not that much expectations, but I found a 2nd family! This group has nice and fast staff. I also don't miss any raffle! The developers are doing a great job. Everyone in this group is is nice and you can spend a lot of time with them (like snkrs day). I enjoy every single time to be in this cookgroup and I'm looking forward to see this group taking place in the cookgroup elite and I would appreciate it to take part in this journey! #RHFam


I started with reselling in february and searched on Instagram for people who are into it. There I met resellheads and joined the cookgroup. Through resellheads i learned a lot about reselling and got a lot of good tipps. I also like that everyone in the group supports and helps each other!